We are a consulting engineering services company specializing in the design of sea, river and lake works and port facilities. Since our foundation in 1952, we have been leaders in the development of Port and Terminal projects in Venezuela and, for the last 25 years, we have had an important international involvement in projects of port works in the rest of the Americas and Africa.

We are synonymous with first-class human talent, trained in state-of-the-art technology, capable of reaching the highest quality standards. Our managers, professionals and technicians, carefully selected, have the highest qualifications, which, combined with our experience and orientation to quality, ensures excellence of studies and projects we perform.

We have adopted a matrix-type organization, in order to make available to our clients the most appropriate for their needs combination of specialists and resources to carry out various studies efficiently. Thus, each study is under direct responsibility of a project manager, a professional with adequate training and experience, who, with the help and collaboration of various organizational units, counts on the most suitable combination of specialists and resources.


Provide Integral Consultancy and Engineering Services in Multidisciplinary Projects with emphasis on the maritime-coastal sector, under the highest technical standards, efficiency and quality, that satisfy the expectations of our clients and that allow to generate a reasonable profitability to our shareholders and associates, satisfying socio-economic needs of our staff; all within a policy of corporate social responsibility to the communities in the medium in which we interrelate.


To be a competitive company in Consulting and Engineering Integral Services, leader in Venezuela in Coastal Maritime Projects, serving as a reference landmark and example of quality of professional services, technological development, ethics, moral and economic solvency, performing projects both nationwide and abroad, thus meeting our clients’ expectations and contributing to our personnel’s human and social promotion and to our country’s integral development.


Our services are provided under the highest technical and quality standards, integrating state-of-the-art technology with organizational development and professional excellence, all of which, together with our accumulated experience, quality awareness and the spirit of cooperation and teamwork, assure excellence of our studies and projects.


It is our that all our employees have the right to a safe and healthy environment to perform their duties, and should commit themselves to protecting the environment. We have as a rule to ensure the execution of our activities in optimal conditions of safety, hygiene and protection, to guarantee the physical integrity of our employees, as well as to protect the facilities, machinery, equipment and work environment, complying with the requirements of the regulations in force. In terms of Safety, Hygiene and Environment, our objectives are also to establish the responsibilities and actions that should govern during all field works, so that they are performed achieving "Zero Accidents", preserving the health of employees, as well as goods and welfare of the company and the environment.


We have a Quality Management System for Engineering Studies and Projects, certified under ISO 9001 by the international certifying body LSQA. Based on this system, efforts of various groups of professionals and technicians are planned for each project, in order to continuously uphold and improve the Organization's processes and fulfill our clients’ needs.